OT: RE: MailScanner and RedHat 6.0

Tue Dec 9 19:59:46 GMT 2003

>Thanks for the response.   Just out of interest, what is the
>bundled solution
>you are using?

Bynari Insight server.  http://www.bynari.net -- I wrote a MailScanner
howto for them, so now they have a MailScanner link on their page.

Insight is pretty good.  It is a commercial product, but it costs
much less than Exchange.  The real benefit is the Insight Connector
which is a plugin for Outlook that lets you store outlook data in
any IMAP server.  So if you've got an IMAP server that supports
folder sharing and ACLs you can use this plugin for outlook
and share all your data, including contacts and calendars.

The only drawback I've had is that because it's a packaged deal
your changes don't stick.  They have a web interface that controls
everything and if you do something outside of it and then upgrade
your changes are lost.  So every time I upgrade the server (via
RPM) I have to go back in and install MailScanner and Sophos and
ClamAV and make any changes I had again.  It's not as big a problem
as I make it out to be though, since it's really just some config
files that I have to restore -- and they're backed up automaticaly


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