Upgrade Production Box

Christian Campbell ccampbell at BRUEGGERS.COM
Mon Dec 8 14:44:37 GMT 2003

> At 13:59 08/12/2003, you wrote:
> >I'm planning to upgrade MailScanner on a production server,
> which I can't
> >take down.  I assume if I stop MailScanner, and leave
> Sendmail running, will
> >sendmail keep accepting mail into it's queue while I'm
> upgrading MS which MS
> >can process after upgrading?
> You don't say what OS/Version you are running, so it's hard
> to precise.
> If you are running one of the RPM-based systems, then
>          service MailScanner stop
>          service MailScanner startin
> will leave it just running the incoming sendmail but nothing else.
> Then when you are finished upgrading,
>          service MailScanner restart
> to get it all going again.

Thanks for the reply Julian.  Should I use the ./install.sh script to do the
installation, or do an rpm -Uvh on all the packages individually?


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