Problems disabling viruswarning.txt attachment (making it inline)

Josh Endries jendries at PRAGMETA.COM
Thu Dec 4 19:20:20 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I just recently installed MailScanner on a server here and I'm having
trouble with diabling the attachment of the viruswarning.txt file. My
config file contains this:

# When a virus or attachment is replaced by a plain-text warning,
# should the warning be in an attachment? If "no" then it will be
# placed in-line. This can also be the filename of a ruleset.
Warning Is Attachment = no

I thought this would dump the text into the message (at the end) and not
attach the file. It does append the text, but still attaches the text
file, which I don't want. Is there another setting I need to change to
get this to work?

This wouldn't be an issue if I could use the same variables that are in
viruswarning.txt ($date and $report) in inline.warning.txt. Is there a
list anywhere of the available variables for these files, since they
apparently have different access?



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