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Philip Butler butler at GLOBESERVER.COM
Thu Dec 4 18:23:54 GMT 2003


Here's a bit more information.  I am still having the problem - I have
noticed it's with any X- header that may be "too long" whatever that
may mean.

For example, I got an email that had the following header in it:

-9194dd1a3dbc}: F:\Program Files\exclaimer\eXclaimer.dll -

and it has a blank line preceding this in the output of
mailscanner/sendmail.  This effectively makes this header line become
the start of the message body.

However, when I change it to:

    X-Exclaimer: F:\Program Files\exclaimer\eXclaimer.dll -

there is no blank line added and the message headers remain intact.

Therefore, it's not the X-%org-name% logic that I previously thought it
was, but rather it seems to be the length of the header name.  Of
course, it could be sendmail that is doing this perhaps.  I bet I have
a misconfiguration somehow - I can't believe that nobody else is seeing
this same problem otherwise.

Just so everyone knows - here's how I tested:

    cat /file.txt | sendmail butler at    (where /file.txt
has the original email with the blank line removed)

by editing the /file.txt and shortening the X- header name, it works as
it should.

Phil Butler

On Nov 27, 2003, at 3:46 AM, Julian Field wrote:

> Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
> At 20:15 26/11/2003, you wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Sorry if this is a repeated issue.
>> I have noticed messages with the:
>>        X-%org-name%-MailScanner-Information:  (and other X-%org-name%
>> headers)
>> For example, an email that just came in:
>>        X-WADSNET550-MailScanner-Information: Please contact
>> admin at
>> for more
>>                                  info
>> These lines seem to have a blank line in front of them, which
>> basically
>> ends the header and puts the X-header as the first line of the email
>> body.  Is there a switch that keeps these headers in the header and
>> does not start the body ??  I can see that some might want the message
>> to be visible in the message, but I think I would prefer these headers
>> to remain in the email header.
>> BTW, messages like this have a blank subject and From:/To: because the
>> X-org-name headers tend to show up before the Subject/etc. headers.
>> These are visible in the body of the message, but it messes up email
>> filters.
>> Any comments ??
>> Sorry again if this is repeated - and as always:
>>        MailScanner (and Julian !!) rules !!!
>> Phil
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> Julian Field
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