wendy.zip - encrypted - mimail

Tim Bishop tim-lists at BISHNET.NET
Thu Dec 4 08:36:43 GMT 2003

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 08:26:52AM +0100, shrek-m at gmx.de wrote:
> $ sweep -archive wendy.zip
> [...]
> Password protected file wendy.zip/wendy.exe
> 1 file swept in 1 second.
> 1 error was encountered.
> No viruses were discovered.
> 1 encrypted file was not checked.

More worryingly, if you do unzip this some virus scanners don't detect
the .exe file as a virus. Neither f-prot or f-secure detected the .exe
as a virus, although sophos did.

But as you say, that's going to be irrelevent if we can't even look
inside the zip file.

I guess a good compromise would be to have an option to block encrypted
zip files in mailscanner?


Tim Bishop
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