wendy.zip - encrypted - mimail

shrek-m at gmx.de shrek-m at GMX.DE
Thu Dec 4 07:26:52 GMT 2003


ms and sweep don´t recognize wendy.zip as mimail because it is encrypted,
it should be blocked via filename/filetype


$ ll wendy.zip
-rw-------    1 admin    admin        9903 Dec  4 08:02 wendy.zip
$ md5sum wendy.zip
18aa642a0b7f275a51e31fe02d82ba35  /data4/doku/viren/wendy.zip

$ sweep -archive wendy.zip
Password protected file wendy.zip/wendy.exe
1 file swept in 1 second.
1 error was encountered.
No viruses were discovered.
1 encrypted file was not checked.


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