Arguments for Amavisd-new or MailScanner?

Pete pete at
Wed Dec 3 13:11:57 GMT 2003

Michel wrote:

>As a long time MailScanner user and without any experience of AMAVISD-new,
>what are the arguments against using amavisd-new for, e.g. this config:
>Sendmail + {AMAVISD-new,MailScanner} + SpamAssassin (+ ClamAV)
>Postfix + Amavisd-new is, I know, without doubt the best combo, since it's
>using the Postfix content filter... but what about Sendmail and/or other
>(just trying to pick up some good arguments to say whenever I need to explain
>why I'm choosing MailScanner and not amavisd-new)
I am NOT a linux guru, and after trying really hard and following 3 ro 4
different guides, i could never get it working - MailScanner on the
other hand seems to be very simple to install and configure, and is
written by Julian, who would have to be the most helpful software author
going around - how many times do you see him write and post a patch to
meet some ones specific needs, or if they suggest something that could
be usefull to everyone, its in the next release, he is here responding
to newbie and experienced peoples questions 'every' day (seems like
every day?). He doesnt give you shit and put you down when you ask for
help or ask a question 50 other people have asked this month - i think
this kinda of support, from an author, is about as good as software
gets...hard to imagine what his paying customers get out of him? Feet
rubs and massages while he maintains thier email security?

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