Questions about how MailScanner deals with mails to be quarantined

James Ogley james.ogley at PINNACLE.CO.UK
Tue Dec 2 17:07:31 GMT 2003

[Disclaimer: I'm approaching this from the POV of how MAILsweeper does

> But there can be many reasons, often at least 3 (HTML exploit trying to
> load a .pif which has a virus in it, for example). What then?

Then the 'big' issue is that it's a virus.

> But then what do you do with large executables? You have conflicting
> requests, which is kinda hard to code.

MAILsweeper allows you to order by priority the things it scans for, so
in our case, large file checks come before executables, but after virii
(virus being the most important thing to check for, but once we're
confident it's not a virus-laden, we check the size, and if it's too
big, stop there so we don't have to load it into memory to check it's
content again).

If it's stopped, we examine the mail to determine whether it should be
released to the recipient, and part of that is seeing it's an
executable, and dealing accordingly with that information.
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