Not modify attach if content-transfer-enconding is quoted-printable.

Carlos Pacheco carlos.pacheco at DIPROTECH.COM
Tue Dec 2 16:22:45 GMT 2003

Hi all.

I've that problem. I have a mail server using Debian 2.4.18, sendmail and
If a user sends me an old PDF file (1.2) from outlook, it's transfered in
MIME, and the content-transfer-encoding is by default set to quoted-
printable (I think in outlook 2000 you can't change it...).
When the message passes through mailscanner, I suposse it analyses the
attach, and modifies it, because all the 0x0A binary bytes are transformed
into 0x0D 0x0A. Considering the PDF version I've told you, this corrupts
PDF file and it can't be seen, so the solution for me (since I can't change
outlook encoding) is to tell mailscanner not to modify content if MIME is
an application/pdf, for example. Is that possible ?

Thanks a lot.

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