ANNOUNCE: Bug fix release 4.25-14

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Tue Dec 2 12:42:55 GMT 2003


> > > I have now fixed this and re-released 4.25 as 4.25-14.
> >
> >I also noticed 4.26-1 arrived, whats the difference ?
> The new support of Norman anti-virus, which I put into 4.26-1, happens to
> now be in 4.25-14 as I couldn't be bothered to remove it to roll back to
> 4.25-14. However, I don't guarantee it works, and it is marked "Alpha".

Just doublechecking, if people want to have the double subject fields
fixed they should go for 4.25-14 or wait for 4.26-2 since i dont think its
added there yet ? Or is it added on both allready now ? :)


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