ANNOUNCE: Stable Release 4.25-11

Denis Beauchemin Denis.Beauchemin at USHERBROOKE.CA
Mon Dec 1 17:11:03 GMT 2003

Hello Julian,

Haven't tested 4.25-12 yet but I did upgrade my RPM (on Fedora) and the
MailScanner.conf.rpmnew that was created still included
MailScanner]# grep Monk MailScanner.conf.rpmnew
Spam List = ORDB-RBL Infinite-Monkeys # MAPS-RBL+ costs money (except

Le sam 29/11/2003 à 07:06, Julian Field a écrit :
> G'Day all!
> I have just released the latest stable version 4.25-11.
> Some of the most important new features in this release are
> -- the ability to "disarm" dangerous HTML tags, while leaving the bulk of
> the message intact;
> -- a means to throttle SMTP connections from hosts which are deluging you
> with spam or viruses. You set the limit on the number of messages to
> receive per hour from any given host, and mail above that limit will be
> refused in the SMTP connection (sendmail only at the moment, sorry).
> -- the ability to set the permissions and ownership of temporary working
> files and the quarantine. This means that external systems such as a web
> server can access and manage the quarantine on behalf of your users,
> without the need for any risky setuid scripts.
> Download as usual from
> The full ChangeLog for this release is here:
> 29/11/2003 New in Version 4.25-11
> =================================
> * New Features and Improvements *
> - Added support for "disarm" option on all HTML tag detectors, which will
>    disarm those tags while leaving the rest of the HTML intact.
> - Added support for more ways of specifying IP ranges in rulesets.
>    Can now do all of:
>          152.78
>          152.78.
>          /^152\.78/
> - Added support for retrieving configuration from LDAP.
> - Added support for changing uid, gid and permissions of both Incoming Work
>    Dir and Quarantine Dir.
> - Added facility to limit the size of any individual attachment.
> - Added support for DrWeb virus scanner, courtesy of Konrad Madej
>    <kmadej at>.
> - Added support for Mail::ClamAV perl module, enabling ClamAV to scan without
>    having to call any external programs at all.
> - Panda version 7.0 supported.
> - Improved ClamAV parser to handle errors printed when processing viruses
>    containing corrupted zip files.
> - Improved F-Prot output parser.
> - Added inoculan autoupdater courtesy of "W-Mark Kubacki" <wmark at>.
> - Improved bitdefender-autoupdate script to support BitDefender 7 rather
> better.
> - Greatly improved IPBlock code that throttles incoming SMTP connections
>    when a host sends too many messages per hour. Now support netblocks in all
>    sorts of different formats, and is enormously faster than previous code.
>    It works much more reliably and effectively too. See
> - Changed SpamAssassin timeout handler to kill processes and not process group.
> - Improved documentation in virus.scanners.conf.
> - Improved documentation of "disarm" configuration settings.
> - Added optimisation to LDAP ruleset compiler that identifies 1-line rulesets
>    which hold the default value.
> - Improved Linux script so it spots *.rpmnew files in amongst
>    -wrapper and -autoupdate scripts.
> - Added 'spamblacklisted' message property for use by MailWatch.
> - Added a new Custom Function to provide multiple outgoing queues for spam,
>    high-scoring spam, and real email.
> - Improved Linux init.d script so the "restart" delay is configurable in
>    /etc/sysconfig/MailScanner as that is preserved across upgrades.
> - Improved error message when unknown virus scanner name is used.
> - Added SORBS RBLs to spam.lists.conf.
> - Added some subject line sanity checks to cope with Outlook's bizarre
>    behaviour.
> - Added speed logging of different parts of the processing of a batch.
>    See the new "Log Speed" configuration setting.
> - Changed error handling in ruleset parser so it doesn't die if it finds
>    syntax errors, it now just warns you instead.
> - Improved syntax checking of rules in configuration ruleset files.
> * Fixes*
> - RPM distribution script now checks and creates pod2text properly.
> - Fixed bug whereby the same message files could be deleted more than once,
>    which could delete unprocessed messages using MTAs that name files after
>    the inode and not the time.
> - Syslogging should now start successfully on all versions of Solaris and IRIX.
> - Bug fix in Postfix file handling code from Stefan Baltus which will
>    hopefully patch up the last Solaris Postfix problem.
> - Fixed bug causing uid+gid to be ignored when quarantining whole messages.
> - Fixed bug causing Maximum Message Size not to be enforced properly.
> - Fixed bug where sender of bulk precedence mail would be sent some warnings
>    if their mail was identified as spam.
> --
> Julian Field
> Professional Support Services at
> MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support
> PGP footprint: EE81 D763 3DB0 0BFD E1DC  7222 11F6 5947 1415 B654
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