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DULs don't effect people sending emails from home unless they are
running their own smtp server at home.  If people are relaying their
mail thru their ISP like they're supposed to then it's not a problem.
The only issue with DULs is businesses with their own mail servers and
using dialup or broadband for their internet connection.  But then again
ISPs tend not to want people using the cheaper residential services to
run a business and want them pay a extra for static IPs and such which
usually are not in the DULs.

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This is probably not of interest  to those who are not in

The MAPS-RBL+ list is actually the union of 4 separate lists (RBL, DUL,
RSS and OPS).

For details, see

  One of these - the "dial-up list" is probably our main reason for SPAM
"false positives" at the moment. This is usually
  down to people working from home via an ISP.   Is it possible
to configure MS to use only some of the individual MAPS-RBL+ lists ?

Or should we just give up on these lists and rely on SpamAssassin - all
the "false positives" which I have seen, have negative SA scores so it
is clearly getting these right. Of course, there will be other cases
which the lists get right and SA misses ?

             Thanks ...  Ron

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