[O/T] Scanning Email in EU (Was: InfoSecurity show)

Andrea Cogliati AndreaC at GOTECH.IT
Wed Apr 30 16:11:48 IST 2003


This is really interesting. Do you mean that even virus-scanning email
is not legal in Austria?

Can you be more precise about it? I.E. do you have any links to
Austrian/European laws regarding this topic?

Regarding Italy, the usage of anti-viruses, including scanning emails,
is mandatory by law (or, at least, this is the common interpretation of
the Information Security Act and also the Privacy Act).

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>> FWIW The main argument I hear for moving to a commercial product is 
>> the 'content filtering' that some of the commercial products claim to

>> do. The main reasons for this being HR & legal related
This is a very, very tricky subject. In Austria for example and that
would account to any country currently in the EU (to some extent) it is
illegal to filter the content of email messages as soon as the employer
allows you to receive or send private messages from work. 

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