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On Mittwoch, April 30, 2003, at 01:19  Uhr, Tony Finch wrote:

> Kevin Spicer <kevins at BMRB.CO.UK> wrote:
>> FWIW The main argument I hear for moving to a commercial product is
>> the
>> 'content filtering' that some of the commercial products claim to do.
>> The main reasons for this being HR & legal related
This is a very, very tricky subject. In Austria for example and that
would account to any country currently in the EU (to some extent) it is
illegal to filter the content of email messages as soon as the employer
allows you to receive or send private messages from work. Most places
do not make you sign a paper where it is explicitly stated that all
mail you send out is work related and all mail you receive is work

I also doubt that anyone here has ever heard of such a setup where it
is legally verified that only work related things are sent and
received. In cases where it is not explicitly signed by the employee
that he may only send such mails, and there is even the slightest
chance that he might send a private mail, the employer may no scan nor
watch the content of a message for anything. So technically speaking
even spam scanning the body is illegal here in Austria.

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