postfix X-Original-To problem

Tung Siu Fai sftung at INFOCEAN.COM
Wed Apr 30 12:07:47 IST 2003

I got a problem on MailScanner + Postfix

I want every message add a X-Original-To header to each messages. I add the flag
"O" at, everything is ok

The email after process by MailScanner and put the email back to incoming queue.
The deliver postfix cannot add the  X-Original-To, when there are  more then one
recipient. only 1 email will add  X-Original-To header correctly, other email will add " X-
Original-To : unknow"

the log as following :

postfix/pipe[11133]: 485C03823FD: to=<abc at>, orig_to=<unknown>,
relay=cyrus, delay=11, status=sent (

already add local_destination_recipient_limit = 1

I think the problem is the mailscanner write postfix queue file format not corret, anyone
can tell me how to fix it ?


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