Kapersky version & license question on Linux

Soeren Gerlach so-mlist-alias at all-about-shift.com
Wed Apr 30 07:57:15 IST 2003

Hi all,
although it seems a little off-topic in this group there're problably some
who already know this:

For a commercial installation with M.S. I'd like to use the Kapersky
antivirus software as they've got an overall good rating in anti-virus
tests. They're offering a "personal version" and a "file server" version
for linux. Which of these version should I use to work [best] with

Although I could not find any hints in their contract about
licensing/using this for a multi-domain mail-relay? Does anybody know if
there's a special contract (i.e. price ,-)) to pay if I plan to use a
single working license for say 10 domains?

Thanks & regards,
Soeren Gerlach

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