KavDaemonClient (Was Re: F-Secure 4.50 not supported)

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Tue Apr 29 18:40:14 IST 2003

What version of the AvpDaemonClient are you using? There appear to be about
3 different versions of it shipped with F-Secure 4.50, some of which
actually work.

I took a fresh copy of F-Secure 4.50 and built all the AvpDaemonClients. I
copied the one from the Sample1 directory to /usr/local/bin, and have run
that over a tree of directories, some of which can contain viruses.

Run as
         cd /root/q
         AvpDaemonClient .
works fine. It doesn't need the full pathname.

Here is a chunk of the output from it:

>Current object: ./eicars/dfh3MENF6X020229
>Test result: 4
>Known viruses were detected
>Found viruses: ./eicars/dfh3MENF6X020229        archive: Mail
>./eicars/dfh3MENF6X020229/bugbear.zip   archive: ZIP
>./eicars/dfh3MENF6X020229/bugbear.zip/iframeandbugbear  password protected.
>./eicars/dfh3MENF6X020229/eicar.com     infected: EICAR-Test-File
>./eicars/dfh3MENF6X020229/eicar.zip     archive: ZIP
>./eicars/dfh3MENF6X020229/eicar.zip/eicar.com   infected: EICAR-Test-File

Please can you work out why yours doesn't work the same way as mine?
If you just run the command "AvpDaemonClient ." then please do a "which
AvpDaemonClient" to check where it is actually getting it from.

At 18:21 29/04/2003, you wrote:
>So I want to ask the same question again - what was done to fix a
>problem with F-Secure 4.50, which as I understand also needs full path
>and not just '.'? If workaround was to pass the full path, the same
>should be done for kavdaemon client, and it should work then. If not,
>maybe something like a fix for f-prot with tmpfs could be used? It would
>be nice if it were fixed in the next release.

Julian Field
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