KavDaemonClient (Was Re: F-Secure 4.50 not supported)

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Mon Apr 28 18:44:13 IST 2003

At 18:06 28/04/2003, you wrote:
>Pr, 2003-04-28 19:36, Julian Field wrote:
> > >Kavdaemon client has the same problem, i.e. it wants full path and
> > >not just '.'. MailScanner 4.14 seems to fix such problem for F-Secure.
> > >How is it done? The same should be done for kavdaemonclient.
> >
> > Any chance you can send me an up-to-date copy of the kavdaemon stuff?
> > I've got a copy of Kaspersky, but I'm not convinced it's up to date.

Thanks for the pointer. I have just downloaded it, installed it, and built
the Sample1/AvpDaemonClient.
         cd /usr/lib/MailScanner
         /usr/local/bin/AvpDaemonClient .
seemed to work just fine. It scanned all the files in the current directory
and sub-directories of it.

What do you see when you try the same commands?
Julian Field
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