Getting rid of Postmaster Notify

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Apr 28 16:01:48 IST 2003


> annoying issue is that the root mailbox on the gateway is filling up
> with Postmaster Notify messages: usually they are User unknown errors
> due to returning Invalid recipient messages to non existing spammers. As
> far as I understand from Sendmail documentation, I should get these
> messages only with PostmasterCopy option set (am I missing something
> here?) and I checked my file and I don't have this option
> set.
> The questions are:
> Who is sending me those Postmaster Notify messages?
> How can I get rid of them?

This is your mailer doing this, not MailScanner. Default behaviour.
You _could_ link it to /dev/null but please be aware that its also the
mailbox used for example when you get abuse mail normally.

You could setup a rule to shift those out, or for example edit the alias
file on your system and let those come in a seperate 'dev/null' box. Then
you dont loose regular postmaster mail.


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