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At 12:25 28/04/2003, you wrote:
>I didn't know whether to write to you directly instead of through the
>list but I decided the question (and any anwswer) would also be of
>benifit for the rest of the readers.
>I am in contact with an organization (active in computer security) who
>are writing a replacement for SpamAssassin. The replacement should be
>completely written in C to get a performance over perl-based SA.
>They know I use SpamAssassin and they would like to cooperate with me. I
>have told them that I would be willing to test when and if it could be
>used with MS instead of (or next to) SA. Are there special precautions
>that should be considered when writing a SA replacement vor MS?

I would like it to be callable as a shared library, so that they can write
a Perl front-end to it. A fine example of this is the Perl-SAVI module,
which gives a Perl front-end to Sophos's SAVI shared library.

If possible, I would like to be able to avoid calling another executable
and piping a message into it. But if they have to go down that route, there
must at the very least be a means of giving it multiple messages. Starting
up a program for every single message will be very slow.
Julian Field
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