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Dene Ulmschneider dene at DATATECHIE.COM
Mon Apr 28 13:46:14 IST 2003

Hey all-

Ever since I installed MailScanner I have been getting many entries every
in my LogWatch that are similar to this:

h3R8Hrq03418: forward /home/xxxxx/.forward.neo: Group writable directory
h3R8Hrq03418: forward /home/xxxxx/.forward: Group writable directory

(xxxxx - my username on the system)

Each entry has a different first part to it which is the message ID. I have
a few questions, if anyone can answer them - please do so I can satisfy my

Is this normal? What do they mean? Why are all of the entries referencing
my username? Why aren't there entries for any other usernames on the
system? Does this mean that all of the other users are not getting the
benefits of MS, SA, Bayes, or Razor?

Initially - I has my preferences set to forward all HIGH SCORING SPAM to me
as well as bounce it. This was letting me verify the accuracy of high
scoring spam, and I was certain that this was the cause of the entries in
the system LogWatch. Once I was confident that MS & SA were accurate - I
changed the rules to just bounce the high scoring spam - but I am still
seeing the entries in the LogWatch.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Dene Ulmschneider
Data Techie Inc.
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