MailScanner on Red Hat 8.0 and Exchange

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Thu Apr 24 22:58:28 IST 2003

El 23 Apr 2003 a las 21:54, Raymond Dijkxhoorn escribió:

> Hi!
> > >Anyway, I'm just doing our first production environment installation of
> > >zmailer+mailscanner... when I put that into production I'll give actual
> > >figures for performance.
> > If you can beat 1.5 million messages per day (including 3 RBL's and
> > SpamAssassin) on a PC, I would like to know. I did that using Exim.
> What machine was that ? I am currently testing MailScanner on a Dual Xeon
> 2.6, lets see if we can push those limits up :)
> > I will have to install ZMailer and have a play. Are there any up to date
> > RedHat rpm's of it, or do I need to install it from source?
> I think zmailer could do more, but basicly, the spamassassin will be the
> bottleneck i think. At first Zmailer looks pretty complicated, but once
> you get to know the basics its cool.
> I didnt try RPMs, most Zmailer setup i have seen were running on big fat
> SUN clusters :)
> But have a look on rpmfind, there are a couple available:

The rpm's there seems to be 2.99.55... it's not clear wether a patch that
appeared soon after is applied...

Current version is not yet released, I'm working with 2.99.56-pre4 and CVS
has gone further these last days, but I'm staying with the pre4 tarball just
in case...

Anyway, in a reasonable linux you should be able to:

tar xvzf zmailer-2.99.56-pre4.tar.gz
cd zmailer-2.99.56-pre4
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/zmailer
make install
/usr/local/zmailer/bin/post-install -MD5
make install MANDIR=/usr/share/man

and be somehow up and running.

To start it:
To stop it:
zmailer stop

You will actually see a bunch of processes:
router (I think the default is 4 router processes)

I'm enclosing a /etc/rc.d/init.d/zmailer that I use...

I'm also enclosing an adapted /etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner that only takes
care of MailScanner and avoids starting more than one copy... this one I
don't think will work in anything but a redhat > 7.1, but should be trivial
to adapt it to other linuxes..


Mariano Absatz
El Baby
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