Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Thu Apr 24 16:45:34 IST 2003


> Yes, Exim can do this.  You will need to create an entry in your Routers
> section something like the following:


> prolocation_router:
>   driver = domainlist
>   transport = remote_smtp
>   domains = prolocation.net
>   route_list = "* mailstore.prolocation.net byname"
> You'll probably want this to be the first entry in your Routers section,
> since the order matters.
> You can test your setup by running the following:
> exim -C <path to config file> -bt emailaddress at prolocation.net

Can Exim also take external files ? Since i have a couple of hundred
entry's in my sendmail mailertable at the moment, would be nice to have
that in a seperate file, same goed for the domains i relay mail for...

Thanks so far :)


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