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Wed Apr 23 20:40:38 IST 2003

At 19:40 23/04/2003, you wrote:
>El 23 Apr 2003 a las 17:14, Julian Field escribió:
> > In version 4, I haven't yet seen a server which required "Delivery Method =
> > queue". I was actually thinking of removing that option altogether. Just
> > set it to
> >          Delivery Method = batch
>Funny thing... I use
>  Delivery Method = queue
>with zmailer since the router processes (there can be multiple running at the
>same time) are constantly monitoring the queue directory so there's no need
>to ask it to process them... the only thing you _must_ do is make sure that
>no file gets into that directory not being completely written (which the
>zmailer module ensures by creating it in a different directory, closing it
>and moving it there with "rename").
>If you decide to drop the option altogether, just drop me a line so I modify
>the KickMessage routine to do nothing (which, in fact, I could do right now,
>making "queue" the only deliverymethod for zmailer)...

Don't worry, it's staying. Someone else has already contacted me saying 
they want it. It's easier to leave it in that it is to remove it anyway, so 
laziness wins the day :-)
Julian Field
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