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Steve Hickel smhickel at CHARTERMI.NET
Wed Apr 23 17:34:57 IST 2003


I did the below and it did the following:

When I put in the RCPT to: me at it said: relaying denied IP
lookup failed and some address on my network that I need to determine
exactly what it is, but it is probably my notebooks.Yes, it is my
notebooks IP number. So what is it that I must correct to make this fly?
Also, I note that I get 250 localhost.localdomain Hello back when I put
in the HELO.



On Wed, 2003-04-23 at 12:21, Julian Field wrote:
> At 16:25 23/04/2003, you wrote:
> >I have RH 8.0 with latest Mailscanner set up on it. It is located inside a
> >local NT domain subnet. I am attempting to get mail to go from the
> >exchange cluster via
> >a smarthost setup under Virtual SMTP server SMTP properties delivery
> >advanced and I have my smart host in left right brackets so it won't do a
> >domain lookup. It seems
> >to send the first couple of messages fine but then I get this weird error
> >on a system admin message in outlook that tells me that I don't have
> >permission to send to that receipient
> >Relaying denied. I made sure I had added the mailscanner address into the
> >relay allowed list on the exchange relay section, but that doesn't seem to
> >resolve it.
> As your later-posted error message reads, it tends to imply your mail
> relaying on the Linux box isn't right. Try testing it by hand like this:
> telnet 25
> MAIL from: steve at
> RCPT to: me at
> Subject: This is a test
> From: you
> To: me
> This is a test message.
> .
> and see if it accepts the from and the to addresses. I suspect it will
> complain.
> >In addition, the messages I get don't have any indication that I have
> >virus checked them with f-prot on the way out of the mailscanner box to my
> >test email account outside the local email system.
> MailScanner will add an X-MailScanner-Information header if it passes
> through MailScanner at all, assuming you have that configuration option
> switched on. Look for "Information" in MailScanner.conf and you'll find it.
> >1) What am I doing wrong with exchange that I get such a message?
> >2) How do I test the f-prot set up to see if it is working for outgoing
> >messages or is this something one doesn't see unless there are virii?
> >
> >Finally, I haven't set up the incoming bit yet until I get the smart host
> >feature working. Do I need an SMTP connector setup???? in exchange?
> In many Exchange setups, you don't actually need an SMTP Connector at all.
> The properties of the Virtual SMTP server are flexible enough that you
> should be able to specify a smarthost there. Lots of people add SMTP
> Connectors when they don't need to.
> --
> Julian Field
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