MailScanner on Red Hat 8.0 and Exchange

Julian Field mailscanner at
Wed Apr 23 17:21:41 IST 2003

At 16:25 23/04/2003, you wrote:
>I have RH 8.0 with latest Mailscanner set up on it. It is located inside a
>local NT domain subnet. I am attempting to get mail to go from the
>exchange cluster via
>a smarthost setup under Virtual SMTP server SMTP properties delivery
>advanced and I have my smart host in left right brackets so it won't do a
>domain lookup. It seems
>to send the first couple of messages fine but then I get this weird error
>on a system admin message in outlook that tells me that I don't have
>permission to send to that receipient
>Relaying denied. I made sure I had added the mailscanner address into the
>relay allowed list on the exchange relay section, but that doesn't seem to
>resolve it.

As your later-posted error message reads, it tends to imply your mail
relaying on the Linux box isn't right. Try testing it by hand like this:

telnet 25
MAIL from: steve at
RCPT to: me at
Subject: This is a test
From: you
To: me

This is a test message.

and see if it accepts the from and the to addresses. I suspect it will

>In addition, the messages I get don't have any indication that I have
>virus checked them with f-prot on the way out of the mailscanner box to my
>test email account outside the local email system.

MailScanner will add an X-MailScanner-Information header if it passes
through MailScanner at all, assuming you have that configuration option
switched on. Look for "Information" in MailScanner.conf and you'll find it.

>1) What am I doing wrong with exchange that I get such a message?
>2) How do I test the f-prot set up to see if it is working for outgoing
>messages or is this something one doesn't see unless there are virii?
>Finally, I haven't set up the incoming bit yet until I get the smart host
>feature working. Do I need an SMTP connector setup???? in exchange?

In many Exchange setups, you don't actually need an SMTP Connector at all.
The properties of the Virtual SMTP server are flexible enough that you
should be able to specify a smarthost there. Lots of people add SMTP
Connectors when they don't need to.
Julian Field
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