MAILSCANNER Digest - 21 Apr 2003 to 22 Apr 2003 (#2003-113)

Richard Alexander copper_shotgun at
Wed Apr 23 16:22:30 IST 2003

My original post was because the mail seemed to be hanging up in the mail
queue, even though i set it to be in queue mode and process every 5 seconds
(i thought).  After leaving it in there for a while, it seems to be
delivering it after about 15 minutes.  (this is a test server, and the
only traffic is the couple of messages that I am sending).  These are
outgoing mails.

>You don't need to start spamd at all, why are you doing that?

Maybe i am confused on that.  I did the default install of Red Hat 9.0 and
chose Spam Assassin as one of the install options.  I also set to run on
startup in ntsysv.  I just removed that.

Delivery Method = queue

Thanks for the help

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