Using Sophos SAVI Library

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sun Apr 20 19:33:50 IST 2003

At 17:50 20/04/2003, you wrote:
>Hi there,
>I just upgrade to the new MailScanner V4.14-9 and use the Sophos V3.68 for
>virus scanning. The installation and upgrade do not have any error.

Did you do the Sophos upgrade using my "Sophos.install" script? Failing to
do that would cause the symptoms you are seeing.

>Today, I just install to use the SAVI Library, and edit the
>MailScanner.conf for the "Virus Scanners = sophossavi".
>When I try to start the MailScanner, it give out the error(repeatly) as
>Apr 18 18:58:48 venus sendmail[735]: alias database /etc/aliases rebuilt
>by rootApr 18 18:58:48 venus sendmail[735]: /etc/aliases: 63 aliases,
>longest 10 bytes, 608 bytes total
>Apr 18 18:58:49 venus sendmail[744]: starting daemon (8.12.8): SMTPApr 18
>18:58:49 venus sendmail[749]: starting daemon (8.12.8):
>queueing at 00:15:00Apr 18 18:58:51 venus MailScanner[768]: MailScanner E-
>Mail Virus Scanner version 4.14-9 starting...
>Apr 18 18:58:55 venus MailScanner[768]: SophosSAVI ERROR:: initializing
>savi: The main body of virus data is missing (544)Apr 18 18:59:01 venus
>MailScanner[905]: MailScanner E-Mail Virus Scanner version 4.14-9
>starting...Apr 18 18:59:02 venus MailScanner[905]: SophosSAVI ERROR::
>initializing savi: The main body of virus data is missing (544)
>Thus, it continue to generate some MailScanner Defunct processesb, can
>anyone advise me how to solve this error?

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