script for reviewing df/qf before sending to sa-learn

Lewis Bergman lbergman at
Fri Apr 18 16:24:36 IST 2003

Anyone want to write something like this for me for a fee?

On Thursday 17 April 2003 11:57 am, Lewis Bergman wrote:
> I have all my spam going to store. The df and qf are stored in the
> quarinteen so I can use df2mbox. I was wondering if anyone has made a
> script that cycles through each df/qf pair and then waits for keyboard
> input as to whether or not it is spam.
> Ideally the script would have a configurable mbox or directory and after
> the messaged was paged it would ask "Is this message spam?" [Y/N] and maybe
> default to yes. Yes answers would then be delivered to the spam address and
> no to the notspam address. Then when the script from Julian runs those have
> verified messages in them for sa-learn to use.
> Maybe I am thinking backwards on this but I don't see a better way to run
> it. I am not ready to do the web page deal or explain to all my users about
> how to redirect messages out of outlook.
> Any ideas on how to do this? Or maybe something better?

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