script for reviewing df/qf before sending to sa-learn

Lewis Bergman lbergman at
Thu Apr 17 17:57:07 IST 2003

I have all my spam going to store. The df and qf are stored in the quarinteen
so I can use df2mbox. I was wondering if anyone has made a script that cycles
through each df/qf pair and then waits for keyboard input as to whether or
not it is spam.

Ideally the script would have a configurable mbox or directory and after the
messaged was paged it would ask "Is this message spam?" [Y/N] and maybe
default to yes. Yes answers would then be delivered to the spam address and
no to the notspam address. Then when the script from Julian runs those have
verified messages in them for sa-learn to use.

Maybe I am thinking backwards on this but I don't see a better way to run it.
I am not ready to do the web page deal or explain to all my users about how
to redirect messages out of outlook.

Any ideas on how to do this? Or maybe something better?
Lewis Bergman
Texas Communications
4309 Maple St.
Abilene, TX 79602-8044
915-695-6962 ext 115

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