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Stephen Swaney Steve at
Thu Apr 17 14:29:33 IST 2003

A friend of mine is just finishing an installation of ispman, for his small hosting company.

This ispman installation will integrate postfix with LDAP support,
MailScanner, and SpamAssassin with MySQL sopport. It will allow users,
administrators and resellers to manage email accounts and DNS maps
through the ispman web-based interface.

As part of this application we're planning to add web based support for
users or administrators to manipulate their own:

    spam scores

We don't plan to implement a delete function.

I'd hope we're within a month of putting this in production. I'll let
you know when we have the SpamAssassin user administrator up. The code
wil be integrated into the ipsman interface but it should give you a

Steve Swaney
Steve at

On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 08:40, Matthew Bowman wrote:

> Hi,
> Has anyone developed a GUI front end for MailScanner that will empower the
> recipient to either
> Approve (whitelist)
> Delete
> Block (blacklist)
> Any e-mail they receive tagged as {SPAM?}
> I'm looking for a solution as a growing number of out clients who benefit
> from MailScanner now want to be able
> to control the e-mail flow without having to harass me to update the
> whitelist and blacklist rules.
> My installation runs on a RH 7.2 box which acts purely as a gateway and
> has no mailboxes locally for any clients.
> Thanks
> Matthew Bowman

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