If HTML -> text conversion fails: A suggestion/request

Quentin Campbell Q.G.Campbell at NEWCASTLE.AC.UK
Wed Apr 16 13:10:47 IST 2003

This site uses the MS option to convert the HTML in the body of all
tagged messages to plain text. This leaves just the text and the links
and the converted message is normally easy to read. This conversion has
the great merit of preventing offensive content in a tagged message from
popping up all over the user's screen.

Occasionally the conversion leaves a very messy and unreadable message.
Most of the time this does not matter because the message is really spam
and will be ignored anyway. 

However if a "false positive" is incompletely converted and this message
is an airline/train/hotel booking confirmation then it can be extremely
inconvenient for the recipient.

We would like to see an option in MailScanner that has the effect of
saving the original HTML text of the message body as an attachment so
that in the event of incomplete conversion leaving the message
practically unreadable, the original message can be viewed as a last
resort. This would also help Julian and other code authors to debug and
improve the code that does the HTML -> plain text conversion.   

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