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Craig Pratt craig at STRONG-BOX.NET
Tue Apr 15 21:50:30 IST 2003

On Tuesday, April 15, 2003, at 12:49  PM, Kevin Spicer wrote:
>> Uh, this doesn't look like the access DB file format.
>> The "To:" prefix are not access db format. And the TABs are important.
> I'll agree with you about the TABS, I should have made that clear.
> However I'll have to differ about the To: prefix.  This is new to more
> recent versions of sendmail (but by 'new' I mean last few years not
> months) - see the following extract from the sendmail-cf README for
> 8.12.6...

Strange - guess SuSE hasn't updated their example access file in a
while - mine was from SuSE 8.1.

I stand corrected - and better educated!

Thanks Kevin. Hopefully, it's the tabs. Or maybe the access db is in
the wrong directory?


> Finer control by using tags for the LHS of the access map
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> Read this section only if the options listed so far are not sufficient
> for your purposes.  There is now the option to tag entries in the
> access map according to their type.  Three tags are available:
>         Connect:        connection information (${client_addr},
> ${client_name})
>         From:           envelope sender
>         To:             envelope recipient
> If the required item is looked up in a map, it will be tried first
> with the corresponding tag in front, then (as fallback to enable
> backward compatibility) without any tag, unless the specific feature
> requires a tag.  For example,
>         From:spammer at some.dom   REJECT
>         To:friend.domain        RELAY
>         Connect:friend.domain   OK
>         Connect:from.domain     RELAY
>         From:good at another.dom   OK
>         From:another.dom        REJECT
> This would deny mails from spammer at some.dom but you could still
> send mail to that address even if FEATURE(`blacklist_recipients')
> is enabled.  Your system will allow relaying to friend.domain, but
> not from it (unless enabled by other means).  Connections from that
> domain will be allowed even if it ends up in one of the DNS based
> rejection lists.  Relaying is enabled from from.domain but not to
> it (since relaying is based on the connection information for
> outgoing relaying, the tag Connect: must be used; for incoming
> relaying, which is based on the recipient address, To: must be
> used).  The last two entries allow mails from good at another.dom but
> reject mail from all other addresses with another.dom as domain
> part.
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