Deleting high score messages

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Tue Apr 15 20:49:09 IST 2003

> Uh, this doesn't look like the access DB file format.

> The "To:" prefix are not access db format. And the TABs are important.

I'll agree with you about the TABS, I should have made that clear.
However I'll have to differ about the To: prefix.  This is new to more
recent versions of sendmail (but by 'new' I mean last few years not
months) - see the following extract from the sendmail-cf README for

Finer control by using tags for the LHS of the access map

Read this section only if the options listed so far are not sufficient
for your purposes.  There is now the option to tag entries in the
access map according to their type.  Three tags are available:

        Connect:        connection information (${client_addr}, ${client_name})
        From:           envelope sender
        To:             envelope recipient

If the required item is looked up in a map, it will be tried first
with the corresponding tag in front, then (as fallback to enable
backward compatibility) without any tag, unless the specific feature
requires a tag.  For example,

        From:spammer at some.dom   REJECT
        To:friend.domain        RELAY
        Connect:friend.domain   OK
        Connect:from.domain     RELAY
        From:good at another.dom   OK
        From:another.dom        REJECT

This would deny mails from spammer at some.dom but you could still
send mail to that address even if FEATURE(`blacklist_recipients')
is enabled.  Your system will allow relaying to friend.domain, but
not from it (unless enabled by other means).  Connections from that
domain will be allowed even if it ends up in one of the DNS based
rejection lists.  Relaying is enabled from from.domain but not to
it (since relaying is based on the connection information for
outgoing relaying, the tag Connect: must be used; for incoming
relaying, which is based on the recipient address, To: must be
used).  The last two entries allow mails from good at another.dom but
reject mail from all other addresses with another.dom as domain

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