Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Mon Apr 14 21:39:47 IST 2003


> >all mail is generated locally. Will the 1 exim.conf approach impact on
> >this setup?

> Yes, their email will not be scanned -- however since you have more
> control over this setup than over a computer that provides full shell
> access you can force the users (or rather Squirrelmail) to do the
> right thing.  Instead of submitting email with `sendmail -t` (or
> whatever the exact command line is) you should configure it to use
> `exim -bd -odq -DSPOOL=/var/spool/exim.in -t`.

By default you do a local delivery, but you can also connect to the real
hostname, so it will be scanned after all. At least, works for me :)

Update SMTP Settings   : localhost:25

You can change the localhost to the name of your mx ...


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