High SpamAssassin scores but Subject not modified

Kevin Spicer kevins at BMRB.CO.UK
Sun Apr 13 11:37:08 IST 2003

It looks to me that you're running mail through spamassassin outside of
MailScanner, as your spam headers (IIRC) are spamassassin's default
headers, all headers added by MailScanner by default begin
X-MailScanner.  I'd expect to see X-MailScanner-Spamcheck: and

You have two things to sort out... Why MS isn't checking for spam and
why spamassassin is running alone.

Maybe you have Spam Checks = no in MailScanner.conf?  This would prevent
MS from using SA even though you have Use SpamAssassin = yes in MS.conf
(if you want SA to to RBL checks rather than MS, make Spam List and Spam
Domain List empty in MS.conf)
I'm not sure how you've set SA up (whether to scan just your mail or
everyones) but probably just reversing the last few steps of the install
procedure you followed would be a good start (MS just needs the SA code
installed, you shouldn't need to do any further configuration of
SA/sendmail/procmail to get it working with MS) You don't need spamd or

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