Problem with High Spam Score delivery options solved

Stephen Swaney Steve at
Wed Apr 9 18:00:32 IST 2003

Problem is solved thanks to a tip from Steve Ellis:

        "Did you install SpamAssassin from the rpm?

        When I tried that on a RedHat 8.0 system, the install appeared
        successful, but numerous problems occurred while scanning mail.

        Installing SpamAssassin from the tarball took care of the

I had installedSpamAssassin from the rpms. I removed all of the packages
installed by the SpamAssassin 2-53 rpm and reinstalled using the -MCPAN

I put the old configuration files back in place and restarted
MailScanner and spamassassin.

All is working perfectly (and wonderfully!). Thanks to all for the help
and to Julian for an excellent product.


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