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Tue Apr 8 08:55:05 IST 2003

At 02:39 08/04/2003, you wrote:
>how do you check the correct version of mailscanner and spam assassin?

perl -MMail::SpamAssassin -le 'print $Mail::SpamAssassin::VERSION;'

grep MailScannerVersion /usr/sbin/MailScanner

>just recently i upgraded spam assassin to the latest version to avoid mails
>to be stuck due to mailscanner unable to send it out
>but i still got the problem yesterday.that's why i need to check whether it
>was upgraded correctly
>i am doing installing the latest version of mailscanner to avoid the old
>hope it helps as the staff are gunning for my head coz their mails aren't
>sent "on time"
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>From: "Julian Field" <mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK>
>Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 6:59 PM
>Subject: ANNOUNCE: Version 4.14 released
>I have just released MailScanner version 4.14.
>Major new features are:
>- Support for NOD32 1.99, F-Secure 4.50 and F-Prot 3.13.
>- Support for SAVI Perl module to completely avoid startup delays with
>Sophos scanner.
>- Support for quirks of SpamAssassin 2.50 - 2.53.
>- Fixed important bug in filename checking code causing it not to check
>long filenames properly. I strongly advise all 4.13 users to upgrade.
>People who should upgrade are:
>          - Anyone running 4.13
>          - Anyone using SpamAssassin 2.50-2.53
>          - Anyone using F-Prot
>          - Anyone using F-Secure
>          - Anyone using NOD32
>Download it as usual from
>And why not help to spread the word by buying a T-shirt while you are there?
>The full ChangeLog is this:
>* New Features and Improvements *
>- Added support for new (1.99) version of NOD32, using the "nod32-1.99"
>    Virus Scanner setting, which has totally different output and different
>    command-line switches from previous versions.
>- Added support for new (4.50) version of F-Secure. Involves a new f-secure-
>    wrapper as well as new main code.
>- Added support for new version of F-Prot 3.13.
>- Added support for SAVI Perl module, using the "sophossavi" Virus Scanner
>    setting. See the main docs for instructions on how to install the SAVI
>    Perl module.
>- Signed and/or encrypted messages can now be signed without breaking the
>    PGP/GPG signed portion of the message.
>- RAV support improved in Cobalt RaQ systems.
>- Added "Include Scanner Name In Reports" option to allow the virus scanner
>    name to appear in the scanning reports.
>- "Debug SpamAssassin" option to help you sort out SpamAssassin problems.
>- "Exim Split Spool" option to support split mail queues with Exim.
>- Full support for quirks of SpamAssassin 2.5x.
>- Added optional support in f-prot-wrapper script to support tmpfs and
>    ramdisks which F-Prot cannot use without assistance.
>- Better error reporting when compiling configuration files.
>- Improved OpenBSD installation and upgrading instructions.
>- Added check of location of all required system commands.
>- Improved wording of message to spam senders.
>- Increased max size of messages sent to SpamAssassin.
>    Spam messages are getting bigger.
>- All variables in the supplied conf file are now set to something, even if
>    just a blank value. This will make upgrade_MailScanner_conf work better.
>- Speeded up deletion of working area directories (thanks to Tony F for
>- No more reliance on hard-coded paths in, this entire file is
>    now obsolete.
>- Improved RedHat scripts to cope with glibc 2.3.x.
>* Fixes *
>- Fixed important bug in filename checking code causing it not to check
>    long filenames properly. I strongly advise all 4.13 users to upgrade.
>- Changed setuid/setgid code so taint mode is not switched on.
>- Fixed various other issues kindly brought to my attention by Tony Finch
>    at Cambridge Univ.
>- Fixed problem with deleting recipients from messages with Exim.
>- Fixed problem with headers being passed to SpamAssassin from Exim
>- Fixed problem when running internal TNEF decoder.
>- Fixed locking problems when SpamAssassin 2.50 times out.
>- Fixed "RBL Timeout 20 of 7" problem, and problem when no RBL's in use at
>- Fixed dont_copy_prefs option in call to SpamAssassin.
>Julian Field
>MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

Julian Field
MailScanner thanks transtec Computers for their support

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