[O/T] Re: MailScanner/Sendmail for Dummies??

David dh at UPTIME.AT
Sat Apr 5 12:33:45 IST 2003

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On Samstag, April 5, 2003, at 12:24  Uhr, Mariano Absatz wrote:

> If you are up to using an open source mail server, I would suggest 
> either
> Postfix or qmail. If you are in a plain SMTP world (as most of us 
> are), both
> are really powerful, better engineered than sendmail (learnt from its
> mistakes), faster and _really_ easier to learn.
..and as always use the right tools for your specific setup. Even 
though I can agree with most parts we still use sendmail, why? Because 
with our specific load and the amount of data we pass in our specific 
setup every other MTA we tested choked and only sendmail chose to 
happily run through the peek hours.

so be prepared to do a lot of testing

and just on a personal account, sendmail can be made pretty secure even 
though it can be a kludge as well ;)

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