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Sat Apr 5 03:54:53 IST 2003


I started using the Spanish translations in my test environment and found a 
couple of problems...

All the mailers I have (Pegasus & Outlook for windows, plain old "mail" and 
elm for linux) don't correctly interpret MIME header encoding for unknown 
headers (e.g. X-MailScanner-SpamCheck:), so they look awful when they are 

This doesn't lead to a clear solution, since you _do_ have to encode 8 bit 
headers, but I was wondering: 

Do all texts that go into headers come from the languages.conf file?

Do all texts that are in the languages.conf file go into headers?

If both are true, at least in Spanish, I could edit them so they _don't_ have 
8 bit characters, either by using other words or by, like in pre-MIME times 
replacing accented characters (or the infamous "ñ") by non-accented 

If one of the premises is not true, could you identify which are the 
words/phrases that go into the headers?

Another one: shouldn't these settings (in MailScanner.conf) be commented out? 
and be defaulted from language.conf entries? This would help towards 
internationalization... obviously, if entries in MailScanner.conf would 
override the defaults:

Clean Header Value       = Found to be clean
Infected Header Value    = Found to be infected
Disinfected Header Value = Disinfected
Information Header Value = Please contact the ISP for more information

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