ANNOUNCE: Version 4.14 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Fri Apr 4 21:19:03 IST 2003

Virus scanners are a little awkward this weekend. We've got a power-outage
on Sunday while they fit a new feed to our big High Voltage Lab, so
virtually all my MailScanner development servers are switched off for the

I'll see what I can do to run a test set through it.

I can't find F-Secure on their website to download. I managed to find it
the other day, but I can't find it now. Can someone mail me the URL of the
right download page please?

At 20:47 04/04/2003, you wrote:
>Yes,  I am running the new wrappers...
>Although I have f-secure installed to /usr/local/fsav/ still...  I updated
>the wrapper to point to /usr/local/fsav/bin
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>From: "Julian Field" <mailscanner at ECS.SOTON.AC.UK>
>Sent: Friday, April 04, 2003 10:59 AM
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>At 19:29 04/04/2003, you wrote:
> >I'm getting this now...
> >
> >Apr  4 10:24:50 athena MailScanner[28166]: Commercial scanner f-secure
> >out!
> >
> >I didn't have that on the previous version patched....
>Are you using the new f-secure-wrapper?
>If you modified the old one, you may well not have the right one. Check for
>          /usr/lib/MailScanner/f-secure-wrapper.rpmnew
>and rename it over the top of f-secure-wrapper.
>2 or 3 of the wrapper scripts have changed, so make sure you don't have any
>.rpmnew files that you aren't using.

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