Virus Warnings with MailScanner 4.14-9 and multiple scanners

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Fri Apr 4 21:17:33 IST 2003

Hello.  I just upgraded to MailScanner 4.14-9 (great job, Julian).  I am
running McAfee and ClamAV for my virus scanners.

I sent myself a test messages with the eicar test virus.  The test virus was
stripped from the message as I would expect, but the message is a little
strange (it is also attached).  The message in the body of the email
mentions only ClamAV, and the attached VirusWarning.txt file only mentions

Reports to the sender and postmaster mention both as I would expect.

This is not a major issue, as the virus is being blocked.  Is this a bug, or
a misconfiguration on my end?

Virus Scanning = yes
Virus Scanners = mcafee clamav
Deliver Disinfected Files =

To:     *    yes
To:     *@*  yes
FromTo: default         no



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