Virus scanner lock file not removed

David Osborne david.osborne at NOTTINGHAM.AC.UK
Fri Apr 4 16:19:47 IST 2003

Thanks for the suggestion, Jason, but the file seems to have the right
permissions, as we run our Exim as user exim, group exim:

$ ls -l /tmp/SophosBusy.lock
-rw-------    1 exim     exim           94 Apr  4 16:01 \

The file contains
        Locked for updating Sophos IDE files by 1389
        Unlocked after updating Sophos IDE files by 1389
as written by /usr/lib/MailScanner/sophos-autoupdate, where 1389
corresponds with a pid logged to /var/mail/maillog:

Apr  4 16:01:00 elgar update.virus.scanners: Found sophos installed
Apr  4 16:01:00 elgar update.virus.scanners: Updating sophos
Apr  4 16:01:01 elgar Sophos-autoupdate[1389]: Sophos successfully
updated in /usr/local/Sophos/366.200304041601

If I do nothing, the file's access time and contents change each time
the update runs at 1 min past the hour but the presence of the file
stops MailScanner from processing any mail waiting to be scanned. In the
sophos-autoupdate script, the LockSophos subroutine creates the file and
locks it and the UnlockSophos routine unlocks and closes it, but
shouldn't it unlink it as well?


On Fri, 2003-04-04 at 15:22, Desai, Jason wrote:
> Check the ownership and permissions of the lock file.  Perhaps you have
> virus update script running as root create the file, but MailScanner
> (running as user mail for Exim maybe) tries to lock the file but does not
> have permission?
> If this is the case, instead of deleting the file, try changing the owner of
> it to mail, or whoever you run MailScanner as.

David Osborne <david.osborne at>
Information Services, University of Nottingham

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