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Fri Apr 4 10:12:21 IST 2003

At 23:50 03/04/2003, you wrote:
>On Thu, Apr 03, 2003 at 11:46:37AM -0800, Craig Pratt wrote:
> > Are you talking about filtering your spam into a separate mailbox
> > folder? Any other outlook-related configuration doesn't have much to do
> > with MailScanner.
>Yes, I'm basically trying to partition Spam into a seperate mailbox or
>folder so that users don't see Spam in their normal mailbox, but can
>retrieve misclassified valid mail.
> > We use procmail to put messages identified as spam (currently using the
> > subject line) into each user's "Bulk" folder, which is viewable via
> > IMAP. This also allows the user to find any misclassified e-mails and -
> > when we enable it - users can place false negatives in there for Bayes
> > filter training. You can also run a daily job to purge old messages out
> > of this folder. All this happens server-side - no outlook rules and
> > such.
>Is this on a Unix mail server?  In my case, the mailboxes reside on an
>Exchange server, which limits my options.  Exchange can supposedly be
>automated with vbscript, but the Exchange admins at my site won't touch
>it with a ten foot pole.  The way I see it, I can either:
>  1) send Spam to a different mailserver, possibly with a webmail front-end
>  2) send Spam to the Exchange server, and configure Outlook clients to
>     automatically dump tagged Spam into a Junk folder

One approach to this, which a few people use, is to have 2 accounts per
user. One for the usual mail (e.g. jim) and one for their spam (e.g.
jim-spam). It is a trivial Custom Function to make the Spam Action forward
to "username-spam at". Still involves some user training though.
Julian Field
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