Problems with F-prot working with zipped files

Julian Field mailscanner at
Thu Apr 3 23:21:08 IST 2003

At 21:57 03/04/2003, you wrote:
>I'm running Linux Red Hat 8.0, installed OpenWebmail 1.90, and recently
>installed MailScanner 4.13-3 with f-prot 3.12d.
>I modified mailscanner.conf to use f-prot instead of Sophos:
>Virus Scanner = f-prot
>Sweep = /usr/local/f-prot/f-protwrapper

That's not a MailScanner 4.13-3 option, that's one from version 3. Please
check the version you are running and the location of the configuration
file you are editing. Something is wrong here.

>Modified to use f-prot's definitions instead of Sophos

Again, that's a version 3 file.

I have just tested the F-Prot 3.13 scanning functionality in the latest
beta release and it is working fine. Happily detected viruses in zip files.

>In f-protwrapper my ScanOptions line is:
>ScanOptions="$ScanOptions -archive -old -dumb -auto"
>But when I'm testing with the EICAR files, only the file is
>detected, not the or files. I also checked with
>the cscript.exe which was detected, but if I zipped it then it wasn't
>But if I check the file from a terminal commmand window:
>Then f-prot does detect the zipped file, so I know that f-prot is
>working okay in that regard.
>I've checked the install/configure instructions and just can't see what I'm
>missing or have done wrong.
>I imagine this has probably been asked over and over before, but I've gone
>thu the archives searching for EICAR and haven't found any clues yet, so I'd
>really appreciate any clues or hints or help.

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