Problems with F-prot working with zipped files

Larry Candelario l_candelario at CRC.UPR.CLU.EDU
Thu Apr 3 21:57:30 IST 2003


I'm running Linux Red Hat 8.0, installed OpenWebmail 1.90, and recently
installed MailScanner 4.13-3 with f-prot 3.12d.

I modified mailscanner.conf to use f-prot instead of Sophos:
Virus Scanner = f-prot
Sweep = /usr/local/f-prot/f-protwrapper

Modified to use f-prot's definitions instead of Sophos

In f-protwrapper my ScanOptions line is:

ScanOptions="$ScanOptions -archive -old -dumb -auto"

But when I'm testing with the EICAR files, only the file is
detected, not the or files. I also checked with
the cscript.exe which was detected, but if I zipped it then it wasn't detected.

But if I check the file from a terminal commmand window:

Then f-prot does detect the zipped file, so I know that f-prot is
working okay in that regard.

I've checked the install/configure instructions and just can't see what I'm
missing or have done wrong.

I imagine this has probably been asked over and over before, but I've gone
thu the archives searching for EICAR and haven't found any clues yet, so I'd
really appreciate any clues or hints or help.


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