"Delete As Spam" button for Exchange

Desai, Jason jase at SENSIS.COM
Thu Apr 3 20:19:24 IST 2003

Hi Dale.

Unfortunately we use Outlook / Exchange here too.  :-)  I have written a
script that will connect to an IMAP mailbox and pull all of the messages out
and feed them to sa-learn.  In Exchange, we created two folders (Spam and
Not Spam) in the Public Folders area.  The script I wrote is in perl and
uses Mail::Cclient to access the IMAP folders.  When everything is complete,
we will just have the users drag and drop their spam (and ham if needed)
into these folders, and our script run from cron will feed them to sa-learn.

I chose this method because Outlook can only forward email (not bounce).
And forwarding email would change the it a little bit, which may impact the
bayes filters.

Currently I have had to turn off bayes checking as it puts too much of a
load on my server, so I haven't fully tested it out.  But I should be
getting new hardware next week.  When I am done with the script, I will post
it to the list.  You can email me off list if you'd like a preliminary


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> Subject: [MAILSCANNER] "Delete As Spam" button for Exchange
>   Hi,
>   I am trying to implement a "Delete As Spam" button in
> VBScript for Outlook/Exchange that would allow a user to
> delete a mail they considered spam from their Inbox, then
> forward it to a special email address that I will use to then
> feed to SpamAssassin's new bayesian learning. Before I got
> started I thought I would ask if anyone had done anything
> like that before, or if anyone knows of a script archive
> somewhere that might have something along these lines. I
> haven't done any VBScripting ever, so any tips at all would
> be great! I'll be sure to release whatever I do come up with
> to the world!
>   Thanks,
>   Dale
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