GreetingCard Spam/Virus

Gerry Doris gerry at
Fri Oct 25 18:50:53 IST 2002

Since the Greeting Card problem was being discussed here I thought I'd add
an announcement that just appeared at the company that I work for.  I
suppose everyone is going to see a LOT more of these damn things appearing
real soon now!


This message is intended for all employees worldwide.

*ALERT*: Computer virus-like code being spread

Help stop a new virus-like code being spread. It is being spread by two
methods: 1) By e-mail with the subject line of “(Intended Recipient): You
have an E-Card from (Intended Sender),” and 2) When you open the Web site. This site currently is being.

When you visit the Web site, you are asked to run an installer program.
You then will be asked to accept two license agreements. The second
license agreement essentially asks that you allow this organization to
e-mail everyone in your Outlook address book with an E-card invitation to
sample their products. Thus, the code is spread.

The code does not appear to damage your system in any way, but your e-mail
address begins the mass mailing (or spam) behavior, while sending all of
your Outlook's addresses to for future use.

Avoid spreading this virus-like code
Eliminate the spread of the code by 1) not opening such an e-mail, 2) not
opening the Web site and 3) not accepting the license agreements.

Thank you.

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