Problems after updating to 4.01-5

Mariano Absatz MailScanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Tue Oct 22 14:55:23 IST 2002

El 22 Oct 2002 a las 13:57, Julian Field escribió:

> Ah, ok.
> Found the problem. I've removed all that "dumping status information" code
> as well, it just generates a huge amount of meaningless (to you) output
> that doesn't help any, except hide the real error message.
> Fix will be in 4.01-7.
> I had hoped that most of these problems would have been found during all
> the alpha-testing, so that this would have been fixed weeks ago. Apparently
> not :-(

Maybe this is because most people don't even bother to test alpha-labeled 
code... you should do as the "other" MS that labels alpha-code as "beta" and 
beta-code as "release", save some times that they really release alpha-code 
as "release" (remember Windows ME?) :-P

More seriously, it's quite possible that most alpha/beta-testers are actually 
experienced users that can install/reinstall dependencies manually and maybe 
solve some of the problems "by hand" and may sometimes don't even tell you 
(or the list) that they did so, 'cause they know it's alpha-code and suppose 
you are aware of the problems and in your way to solving them...

As an "external reader" (I've read the list for the last 2 weeks or so, but 
still didn't install the software), I notice that most of the problems with 
the 4.xx release are related to installation... 

You are brave enough so as to provide automated installation via rpm of a 
bunch of Perl modules, patches and MS. It's a nightmare to do this right 
given the dependencies on different versions of Perl installed on the most 
disparate places (maybe more than one Perl... that's a mostly sure source of 

I think that it should be stated somewhere (maybe in more than one place) 
that when you send a support question/request to the list, you should, at 
least state:
OS & version:
Perl version:
MailScanner version:
SpamAssassin version:
installation form: (rpm or tarball, fresh or update)

There may be a note about the list (and these instructions) at and at or some of the 
sub-pages indexed there...

As I said before, I still didn't install the software... I'm studying it 
because I'll probably have to integrate it with zmailer ( 
more closely than what and offer, for a large 
production mail-border server farm... If I get to do it somehow decently, 
I'll obviously contribute the code and the support I can give.

I really enjoyed the 3-to-4 upgrade... code is really much cleaner having 
separate modules for both mailers will allow me to develop a 
module without breaking anything to anyone (hopefully).

Other than that, thanx Julian for a fine product and excellent support...

Mariano Absatz
El Baby
All wiyht. Rho sritched mg kegtops awound?

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