V4 on RAQ

Matt hciss at HCIWS.COM
Mon Oct 21 23:20:11 IST 2002

> We finally took the plunge and installed the latest RPM version of 4.01.3
> and installed it on a RAQ4.
> Installation was easy, though configuration was a little troublesome. The
> instructions on the UK2RAQFAQ are now rather obsolete!
> Things to watch out for:

> - new location of conf files
> - new name of process
-- > - mail queues - make sure you add /q* or else it'll bork

Do you need to literally add q* or just the old way of q1?

-- > Stopping the Mailscanner using the /etc/rc.d/init.d/MailScanner stop
-- > not work properly. We had to manually kill each process before
restarting it.

Could you elaborate there?  How do you kill it now?  Also, did you just
install over a previous version of Mailscanner or was this a fresh install?



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